Pear No. 7

I've Moved!

That's right - after a dozen years here, I've decided to merge my blog into my new website.  All the old content you've enjoyed from this blog is there, and the new site will be an excellent foundation for a lot of great new content and projects.

I want to thank you all for following me here for so long, and I'm looking forward to giving you an even better experience on the new website.

So, please follow this link to read about today's painting, and don't forget to bookmark the new site:

Today's painting for you:

"Pear No. 7", Oil on Panel, 4x4 inches, 2010 (sold)

The column this pear rests on is one of my better ideas:  Just a 1-foot section of 4x4 post, wrapped in some cloth from my samples collection.  It provides a dramatic foundation for the painting, and also an interesting way to show the folds and creases of the material.

I hope you enjoy it!