Teacup and an update!

Today’s painting for you:

“Teacup”, Oil on Panel, 6×8 inches, 2007 (sold)

So yesterday was a state holiday in Massachusetts; Patriot’s Day, which commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord in the Revolutionary War.  I needed a day off, so I took it.  Feels great to just shut everything off for a day, and it also feels great to be back to work fully energized.


Meanwhile, you’d be right if you noticed that I haven’t been posting any new work for the last few weeks.   I had my show last month, and since then I’ve been working on an important project – redeveloping my website.

This hasn’t just been about a cosmetic upgrade, though it’s needed that for a while.  I’ve been hand-coding my website since 1999, and while it’s done the job, lately I’ve been feeling the limitations – over time it’s become progressively more difficult to work with.  Not to mention it isn’t mobile-responsive at all.

So, I’m migrating everything to WordPress.  It’s been a big investment of my time, since I’ve had to learn some new technology and also brush up on modern web design practices.  But… I think this will give me an excellent platform to move forward.

I have some big plans for my website — some rich new features I’m excited about and that I think you will appreciate — and once the new foundation is in place, I can start to build up those features.  My goal is to have the basic website live by the end of the month, and then I can begin to focus on developing the new parts of it.


We’re all here for the artwork of course, and I sure haven’t forgotten about that.  Once the website work is out of the way, I can get going on a new project I’m thrilled about.

Some long-time collectors have asked me to do a set of paintings for an unusual space in their home, and I recently went out to have a look at it and their extraordinary collection of great paintings.   They will sit above an large archway leading into their dining room.  While the dimensions are different (think very short and very wide), the location is well-lit, prominent, and dramatic, and I think we have the chance to do something special here.  I can’t wait to get going on it, so look for updates starting in about 2 weeks.


The painting I picked out for you today goes all the way back to 2007 – 10 years old!  It has a kind of stark and solitary quality that I appreciate.  It’s also nearly entirely monochromatic, which makes the few notes of color sing.

I hope you enjoy it!