Silver Creamer and Peeled Orange

Today's painting for you:

"Silver Creamer and Peeled Orange", Oil on Panel, 5x6 inches, 2011

Posting my older paintings, one a day, like I've been doing over the past month has been a great exercise for me.  Before this, I've never really taken the time to look at my whole body of work in a regular or systematic way.

Of course there's a lot that I'm no longer interested in or just weren't successful paintings.  You won't be seeing those.  But I'm also surprised at how often I encounter something in these older pieces that I'd like to continue working with in upcoming paintings, like specific objects, particular motifs, or compositional approach.

And this is one of them.  I had a good look at it this morning and simply thought to myself that I'd love to make more paintings like it - to pick up this particular thread and see where it leads.

I hope you enjoy it as well!