Eggshells, Tankard, Orange

Today's painting for you:

"Eggshells, Tankard, Orange", Acrylic on Panel, 5x6 inches, 2015 (sold)

I'm in the last week of working on my website project.  It goes live next Monday (May 1).

I'm sure one or two of you are wondering why this is taking so long, but it isn't just a matter of setting up a new WordPress installation and adding a few images.

Both my blog and my existing website are being merged into an entirely new site, and both of those legacy sites are about a dozen years old and have thousands of records each.  There's a whole lot of content to work with.

Also, I'm using development tools that are completely new to me, and my technical skills are 10 years old now.  That means rusty, to say the least.  I now know considerably more about WordPress than I did a few weeks ago, mostly consisting of what not to do.

But, I am making steady progress on this big task.

While I was hesitant to take a month away from painting, I also fully believe in this project.  It will give me a solid new platform to display and discuss my artwork, and will also let me begin to work on some new projects I'm very excited about.

However, I'm mostly excited about getting back to painting again next week!