Saturday, September 03, 2016

Paintings of the Week and Studio Update for September 3

NOTE: I wrote and intended to publish this post last week, but somehow it stayed in draft status and did not appear on my blog.  So... here it is a week late.

Paintings of the Week

This week I'm pleased to present a matched set of trompe l'oeil paintings:

"Boxed Olives"
Oil on panel, 15x5 inches, framed.
Larger images and purchase information

A fresh lemon and a jar of olives wrapped in twine, nestled within an aged and weathered wooden box.

"Cream, Cherries, and Sky"
Oil on panel, 5x5 inches, framed.
Larger images and purchase information

An antique green bottle and cork, wrapped in red string, along with a pair of marbles, all nestled within an aged wooden box.

Studio Update

The second of the three commissioned shell paintings is now finished, and the third is about half done. Please click below to see a video of the work in progress:.

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