Painting of the Week and Studio Update for September 10, 2016

Painting of the Week

"Pillars of Light"
Oil on Canvas, 18x24 inches, framed.
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Each of these vessels - a stoneware bowl, an Imari jar, an antique wine jar, a crystal goblet, and a ginger jar wrapped in wicker - receives the light in a different way, and reflects it back to the world according to it's individual nature. The chipped and weathered slabs of marble they rest on seem to emerge out of nowhere, and float on nothingness; a metaphor for our lives.

Studio Update

All three of the commissioned shell paintings are now by and large done. A few minor adjustments are needed here and there - strengthening colors and refining details, but that should be no more than a few hours' work, and then it will be on to new projects. Here is a video of the third painting, from start to finish: