Saturday, August 06, 2016

Painting of the Week and Studio Update for August 6

Painting of the Week

"Kitchen Still Life with Olive Jar"
Oil on linen on panel, 9x12 inches, framed.
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A kitchen still life, with a nod to one of my favorite painters, Melendez. Starting with a few simple items, I crowded the composition a little more than I usually do to give it a compact, tight energy. The angled view from the side brought out the drama of the arrangement.

Studio Update

The project for the larger shell paintings is now fully underway. After spending time sketching the shells in various positions and from different angles, I settled on arrangements that best displayed the unusual features and monumental quality of each one. The collector who is commissioning these pieces agreed with my choices, and I've completed the drawings on the panels and begun the underpaintings. Below is the sketch and very beginning of what I think is my favorite of the shells. Painting the sky into the rough and jagged outline turned out to be an absorbing and meditative experience; it felt like I was painting the ocean on a map of some section of the Scandinavian coastline.


Mike said...

I love kitchen still lifes. For some reason they remind me of sitting in my Grandmother's house as a little boy. Strange how strong the memory is. Very nice work.

silversmith said...

truly beautiful work. every time i take a look, i am blown away at the detail.