Painting of the Week, Work in Progress, and Health Update for July 9

Painting of the Week

"Shotglass, Knife, Ginger Jar, Salt Shaker"
Oil on linen on panel, 9x12 inches, framed.
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A battered and broken slab of granite provides the stage for this drama, and by making it appear to float in a sea of black, it takes on an other-worldly flavor.  Although quite small - no more than five inches high -  I felt the ginger jar had a monumental quality that would make it nearly burst out of the picture plane.

Studio Update

I knew that several whole days this week would be consumed by medical appointments (see below), not to mention the July 4th holiday, so what studio time I did have was spent working on a group of miniatures.  Several of these are pictured below, with my hand included for scale. The paintings themselves are 1.5 x 1.75 inches; about the size of a large US postage stamp.  I haven't yet decided if I'll frame these separately or in groups; once I do I'll be offering them for sale.

Health Update

I have good news regarding the health situation I shared with you last month; the full remission of the cancer continues.  I had a CT scan and blood work done this week, and both showed absolutely no signs of disease... totally normal, in fact.  So, I continue to be watchful and attentive to my health, but otherwise I am going about living my life completely. That includes, of course, painting, and I look forward to displaying another one for you next week.