Painting of the Week and Studio Update, July 2

Painting of the Week

"Cherries and Handmade Teacup"
Oil on panel, 3x3 inches, framed.
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Over the years this teacup has turned out to be one of my favorite things to paint.  There's something honest and simple about good handmade work; it's no different than what I do in the studio every day.

Studio Update

This week I continued with the color washes (underpaintings) for the series of three 10x10 pieces.  The purpose of this stage is to establish the approximate forms and colors, and it's usually pretty rough, quick work... and certainly functional.  As a rule I don't find this stage to be appealing visually, at least compared to the sketch and the final layers.  Sometimes, though, it will take an a watercolor-like feel, and I find myself drawn to those passages and enjoying the work.