Painting of the Week and Studio Update for July 30

Painting of the Week

"Golden Teacup on Red II"
Oil on panel, 3x3 inches, framed.
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Studio Update

This week I was able to finish one set of paintings and begin another. I've been working on a series of miniature shell paintings; about 10 of them are done now, so that's probably enough for the time being. They're drying at the moment, so in about a month or so they should be ready to start showing here. This is one of them in progress, with the reference shell to the left on a shelf built in to my easel.

I also began work on a series of 3 commissioned shell paintings that I mentioned last week. The first step in making paintings like this is to spend a while familiarizing myself with the subjects; arranging them in different poses, seeing them from different angles, and a whole lot of sketching to begin to absorb what is unique and distinctive about each object.