Commission, part 1

The Panel

I received a commission to do a traditional still life, and I thought it would be great to document the progress of the painting here.

The size we agreed on is 24x24, so the first step was to prepare the panel. I usually construct my own panels, but since I wanted to be able to start this project quickly, I purchased a good panel instead. I'm using Baltic Birch, and it's cradled to ensure stability.

I did have to pick through about a dozen panels at the art store to find one that had zero defects, and this is the piece I was satisfied with.

After applying a sealer, I applied 4 coats of acrylic ground, and sanded it to a polished surface between each layer using 600 grit sandpaper. I prefer to work on a mid-toned gray surface, so this is a mixture of standard white and black acrylic ground.

The panel is now ready, and in the next post I'll discuss setting up the composition.