"Getting a Handle on Things"

Jeffrey Hayes: Getting a Handle on Things
“Getting a Handle on Things” • Acrylic on Wood • 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6 x 6 cm) • 2014
$185 plus shipping.

Painting is always a process of discovery on some level. I generally know how things will work out from the beginning, but sometimes there are surprises along the way. A small but beautiful surprise happened when I painted the highlight at the top of the handle. That small dab of white paint instantly brought a drab passage to life. It was kind of a magic moment for me.

This is painted on a prepared block of poplar wood, and set in a deep-format black frame; please see below for an image. To place this painting in your collection via PayPal, please click the "Buy Now" button above, and you will be taken to the PayPal site. Shipment of your painting will be made within two business days. If you have any questions, I can be reached through the contact page on my website... Thank you!

Jeffrey Hayes: Getting a Handle on Things

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