"Outside Looking In"

Jeffrey Hayes: TITLE
“Outside Looking In” • Oil on Linen • 30 x 30 inches (75 x 75 cm) • 2014
See this painting at the Paradise City Fine Arts show, March 21 to 23; more info is here.

After working almost entirely in small dimensions for a long time, last year I made a pledge to do bigger work as well. I'm glad I've kept up with that pledge, and here is one of my latest large paintings, at 30 x 30 inches.

I couldn't help but imagine that the sole cherry on the right was poised to knock on the jar; thinking he really wanted to be inside with all of his companions. The nectarine on the left? I'm not really sure what she was thinking… Painting glass is always a pleasure for me, but with this piece, I found the veins and crystals in the slab of marble a special treat to work with.

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