Jumping the Gun

Jeffrey Hayes: Jumping the Gun
“Jumping the Gun” • Acrylic on Wood • 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6 x 6 cm) • 2014

Before I began working on a larger painting that included a wineglass and a scattering of grapes, I wanted to make a study of those two elements. I also realized that I liked the composition a lot, and so this small painting is the result. Of course, the only proper thing to put in a wineglass is, well, wine… so I imagined the grapes were getting ahead of the game. It's painted on a prepared block of poplar wood, and set in a deep-format black frame; please see below for an image.

If you'd like to see images of the larger work in progress, they're posted to my Twitter feed.

Jeffrey Hayes: Jumping the Gun
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