Ask An Artist... That would be me!

I really enjoyed getting the questions from a young artist and turning them into the interview that I published on Tuesday.  So much so, that I thought it might be fun to throw it open and invite questions from anybody for me to answer.

These can be about art in general, process, technique, the business of art, influences, studio life, personal things (to a point!)... really, just about anything you've ever been curious to ask an artist, or me in particular.

Specific and detailed questions are most likely to elicit the really good answers:  "What do you think about art?" will probably get a one sentence answer, whereas "How do you use Cadmium Red?" will probably be good for a paragraph or so.

Email your questions to, and let me know if you'd like me to include your name and website (if applicable) with my response.  I'll wait a few weeks, and publish my answers in the form of an interview in early February.

Thanks, and let's all have fun with this!