Friday, July 19, 2013

In progress - July 19

This is the larger (16x32 inches) piece I'm doing for an upcoming show at the Copley Society. I've found that I really don't like working over the outlines strengthened with light gray paint. I tried it so as not to lose the shapes by smudging the charcoal drawing, but it's creating it's own set of problems. The best strategy might just be to keep it simple and stick to a charcoal drawing.

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Matthew Gauvin said...

If I understand you correctly you are trying to find a way to paint over the charcoal drawing without smudging it all over? I learned a trick from reading the blogs of folks like gregory manches and james Gurney. I remember a post specifically from gurney in which he describes hi sprocess. Basically hea puts the line drawing down in pencil, then sprays it with fixative and then covers that with clear acrylic gloss medium. I'm sure you could do that with charcoal to. You may want to give ti a shot. O reven just the spray fixative should help.
-matthew Gauvin