Walnuts, Lemon, and Wine

Jeffrey Hayes: Walnuts, Lemon, and Wine
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"Walnuts, Lemon, and Wine"
Oil on linen, 7 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm), framed (see below)
Dimensions with frame: 11 x 14 inches (28 x 35 cm)
$750 + shipping/insurance

"Walnuts, Lemon, and Wine" is the first of a series of three matching paintings. It's clear that for the most part I look backwards for inspiration, to the Dutch still life masters of 350 years ago. In particular, I'm always amazed at their uncanny ability to arrange their compositions with an nearly musical sense of rhythm, phrase, and cadence. Given my own musical background, that obviously appeals to me in a deep way.

With these three pieces, I not only wanted to take the opportunity to work with their visual language, but also to explore arranging simple objects - a few nuts, a lemon, a glass of wine - in a lively, rhythmic way.

This piece is available for immediate purchase using the above button. There are also a few larger views on my website.

Jeffrey Hayes: Walnuts, Lemon, and Wine