Two Knives, Glass, Screwdriver

Jeffrey Hayes: Two Knives, Glass, Screwdriver

"Two Knives, Glass, Screwdriver", 2009
Oil on panel, 2 x 5 inches (5 x 12 cm), framing optional
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A few years ago I became really interested in compositions that were fragments of bigger designs, cropped in unusual ways. It hasn't really figured into much of my painting lately, but I love the idea and the results, such as this piece. I also fully expect I'll experiment more with it in the future.

"Two Knives, Glass, Screwdriver", is one of the few remaining paintings I have from 2009 and before.  Rather than leaving it in my studio, I'd prefer that it be enjoyed by a collector, so I'm offering it at a special price.  To see the handful of other earlier pieces that are also available, please visit my Special Offers Page

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