Sebastian Stoskopff

Sebastian Stoskopff
Still Life of Glasses in a Basket, 1644
Oil, 20 x 25 inches

One of the happiest parts of my day is the time I spend on my EyeCandy Twitter posts, where I feature a still life painting that interests me. And one of the happiest parts of that is finding great painters I wasn't previously aware of. It's also tremendously gratifying to be able to share those discoveries with others.

Case in point is Sebastian Stoskopff, who was a great, great 17th Century Alsatian painter specializing in still life, and nowhere nearly as well know as I think he should be. After I wrote my bit on Twitter, Charley Parker of the amazing Lines and Colors blog picked up on it, and found a few other images I was unaware of. He then followed up on it with a nice posting on the blog today.

It's great to be able to find these gems and pass them on to others!