Salt Shakers on Silk

Jeffrey Hayes: Salt Shakers on Silk

"Salt Shakers on Silk", 2009
Oil on panel, 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)

This painting, believe it or not, was inspired by some of the architecture I saw during a trip to India in 2008. It's hardly a straight line between what I saw there and what I painted here, but there is an echo of the domes, minarets, gates, and towers.

If anybody is interested, I wrote a number of posts during and immediately after that trip, which can be seen here (note, they are in reverse order, so scroll down to start from the beginning).

"Salt Shakers on Silk", is one of the few remaining paintings I have from 2009 and before.  Rather than leaving it in my studio, I'd prefer that it be enjoyed by a collector, so I'm offering it at a special price.  To see the handful of other earlier pieces that are also available, please visit my Special Offers Page