New Format

Hi all,

I spent a little time today reworking the format for this blog, hopefully to clean it up a little, and improve the look and feel.  I may still fine-tune a few details, but think I've got an overall solution at the moment.

I'd love to hear your feedback - both good AND critical - particularly about the readability and view-ability of the images.


FOLLOW UP: Thanks everybody for the comments, both public and private - I really appreciate the feedback!  Though they were mixed, there were enough critical reactions to the redesign that I felt it was important to make some adjustments - it's all about displaying the paintings to good effect, not making a neat blog design!

Charley Parker of Lines and Colors (there probably isn't anybody who knows more about how to effectively display artwork online) generously offered some specific suggestions which I've implemented to the limits of the software I use. Thanks Charley!

And thanks again to everybody who responded - it definitely makes this a better blog!