Big Milestone

A few weeks ago, a milestone came and passed without me even realizing it: 6 years of writing this blog.  Back then, my good friends Skott Klebe and Chris Howard said I should think about writing a blog, since people might be interested in the process of making paintings.  I rather doubted anybody would be all that interested in the process of making paintings, but I decided to give it a go... maybe for a month or two, anyway.

6 Years & 20 days, 823 Posts, 289,755 visitors, and 597,529 page views later, I'm still at it, and now see the wisdom of Skott & Chris' suggestion (thanks guys!).   

Times change, Facebook and Twitter have competed for readers' attentions, but ultimately I see them as all complementary.  Over the years, I've occasionally taken extended breaks from blogging, but always felt like something was missing, and have always been really happy when I've returned to the regular practice of sharing my thoughts and paintings here.

Most importantly, I know a core of interested readers have stuck by me here, and for that I'm super grateful.  Blogging is a little bit like tossing messages in bottles out into the ocean, but I know they're definitely being picked up, dusted off, and read.  

Thanks everybody!

Oh, and just for fun, here's that very first post, from September 29, 2005.  Hopefully, I've come a long way since then: