Walnuts and Wine

Jeffrey Hayes: Walnuts and Wine
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"Walnuts and Wine"
Oil on linen, 7 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm)
Dimensions with frame: 11 x 14 inches (28 x 35 cm)
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"Walnuts and Wine" is the second of a series of three matching paintings. As I mentioned in the post for the first painting, I'm very interested in the lively sense of rhythm with which the great Dutch still life masters arranged a few simple objects. Of the three, this piece is the simplest, and I wanted that sparseness so I could refine that rhythmic cadence in a pure form.

With this piece I also enjoyed working with the very subtle light, in particular the way the light passed through the wineglass and illuminated the walnut directly to it's right with a deep red partial shadow.

This painting is available directly from my studio; for purchase information, click here. There are also a few larger views on my website.

Look for the final painting in the series here in August.