Tour of the Palette: Red Grey

Note: this is part of a series of technical posts I'm writing which detail the colors I use on my palette. These will be published once a week (more or less), and each will focus on a single color. To read the overview, click here. Where possible, I link to the Handprint site. Although it is specifically geared towards watercolor, the discussions of the characteristics of each pigment are extremely useful.

The third color on my palette, red grey, is also an opaque convenience mixture. The specific constituents are: Titanium/Zinc white(PW4 & PW6), Venetian Red (PR101), and Burnt Sienna (PR101).

Like all convenience mixtures, this one grew out of a particular usage pattern. I almost always found myself toning down the stronger earth reds (in particular Venetian Red, which is very powerful) with white before proceeding with the actual mixtures. As Venetian Red plus white yields too pink a hue for most uses, I cut in some burnt sienna. The result is a beautiful and naturalistic mid-tone earth color that I use frequently as a base for other mixtures.

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