Tour of the Palette: Brilliant Pink

Note: this is part of a series of technical posts I'm writing which detail the colors I use on my palette. These will be published once a week (more or less), and each will focus on a single color. To read the overview, click here. Where possible, I link to the Handprint site. Although it is specifically geared towards watercolor, the discussions of the characteristics of each pigment are extremely useful.

The second color on my palette, brilliant pink, is a also a convenience mixture. Rather than preparing it myself, as I do with most of my mixtures, this is actually a commercial product, from Holbein. The specific constituents are: Titanium white(PW6) and Napthol Scarlet (PR188)

Like Pale Pink, this is a color I don't use frequently, but it's occasionally valuable enough that I've kept it on my palette for years. It works its way into a lot of my highlights, most often as an iridescent effect where the glass or metal is transitioning into the most brilliant central part of the highlight, but is still slightly colored.

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