Tour of the Palette: Pale Pink

Note: this is the first installment in a series of technical posts I'm writing which detail the colors I use on my palette. These will be published once a week (more or less), and each will focus on a single color. To read the overview, click here. Where possible, I link to the Handprint site. Although it is specifically geared towards watercolor, the discussions of the characteristics of each pigment are extremely useful.

The first color on my palette, pale pink, is a convenience mixture. The specific constituents are: Titanium/Zinc white(PW4 & PW6), Cadmium Red (PR108), Quinacridone Red (PR209), and Cadmium Orange (PO20).

I prepare this mixture myself, as I often found myself looking for a very light and subtle reddish/orange hue as a starting point. It's extremely opaque, and given it's strong components, holds up well when mixed with other pigments. It's not a color that I use frequently, though it is very useful for certain things. I find that it works its way into a lot of my highlights in glass, interestingly enough. Though I don't do any portrait or figure work, I believe this would also be useful in rendering certain flesh tones.

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