Tea and Oranges

Jeffrey Hayes: Tea and Oranges
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"Tea and Oranges"
Oil on panel, 15 x 24 inches (38 x 60 cm)
Dimensions with frame: 20 x 29 inches (50 x 73 cm)

Although I have shown this painting previously, I haven't really dedicated a posting to it, and it clearly deserves its own post.

This is "Tea and Oranges", one of my latest large paintings. I'm interested in the ways background, foreground, and central objects can fuse in a still life, and this piece is one more exploration of that. Drapery - even complicated drapery - is by no means unusual in still life, but the complexity of the design of this cloth certainly goes beyond what is normally seen in this kind of painting. It's no exaggeration to say that I spent at least 75% of the time painting just the background cloth.

This painting was purchased last week by a collector who had first discovered my work at the show I particpated in last summer at the Guild of Boston Artists. As he is a local collector, I delivered it to his home, and even helped install the piece. It was a real delight to see one of my paintings hanging in its final place.