Composition Class

I had been scheduled to take a 3-day composition class with Paul Ingbretson at the Guild of Boston Artists this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which unfortunately has just been rescheduled.

I hardly ever take classes of any type, for the simple fact that I generally don't learn well in that environment; my attention span is too short, and I function much better as a self-directed learner, or in private study situations with a teacher. However, I have a lot of respect for Paul as an artist, and the scope of the class is sufficiently interesting, so I decided to have a go at it (and it helped that my friend Stuart Dunkel was also signed up).

It was also somewhat interesting that the class would at least partially be conducted using pastel, which in fact I've never ever used. I don't want to appear narrow-minded, but I'm not a dry media artist at all; it simply does not speak to me. But I also believe it's important to try new things to grow and keep a fresh eye, and this seems like a really good opportunity to broaden that particular horizon. As it happens, I'd just returned from the art supply store where I'd bought pastels when I read the email about the cancellation. Now at least, I'll have a little time to familiarize myself with the medium prior to the class.

So... the word is that the class will be rescheduled for after the holidays. I'll try to write up some thoughts and reactions while it's in progress, or shortly thereafter.