Four Oranges

Jeffrey Hayes
"Four Oranges"
Oil on panel, 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50 cm)


This is the painting that's taken up the bulk of my time over the past few weeks, and is the first in a series of larger pieces I'm working on.

It really is the biggest painting I've done in over three years. Working small is great, and it lets me explore a number of compositions in a short amount of time. Working big, though, is a completely different experience. Compositionally, it's certainly more complex than anything I've done on a small scale, and the detail is also worked out to a much greater degree.

All good stuff, and I'll be doing more of it.

This painting has been accepted into the 2010 New England Representational Painting Exhibit held in August at the Guild of Boston Artists. It's a great space to show in, and I can't wait to see this up on the wall.