Raymond Logan published a kind review of my work on his blog Daily Painter Review. As he mentioned in the article (and as he and I discussed beforehand), I certainly can't with any credibility call myself a daily painter anymore. However, I was one of the early adopters of the practice in 2006, and at that time established one of the lists of daily painters that was frequently linked to.

For those readers who may not be familiar with it, daily painting is a practice popularized by Duane Keiser (with roots going back considerably further) wherein an artist paints one small painting a day, every day. It's probably no exaggeration to say this practice has been picked up by thousands of artists world-wide, with varying degrees of strictness; some purely adhering to the daily regime, others producing one or two small pieces a week.

I kept to the schedule rigorously for several months. I've always felt that quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive, and the number of great artists who were also dizzyingly prolific bears that out; take Raphael, just as one example. The habit of planning and executing a complete piece in the space of one workday or less can be excellent experience; it accustoms the artist to learning to solve a host of problems and issues quickly and confidently.

That said, I began to feel that for me personally the practice became more about the practice itself, and less about the actual art I was producing. So, I dialed back the schedule, and started to take the time I felt I needed to produce work that more truly fit my own interests and standards. Last year I even felt it was appropriate to stop exhibiting with my friends at Daily Paintworks, since I was no longer regularly producing the 2 paintings a week that is their minimum bar to membership.

Although this phase of my career is squarely in the rear-view mirror, I'm glad I did it. It absolutely helped me in a number of important ways. I also greatly admire a number of the "true practitioners". No matter what label is applied to him, Duane Keiser is a fine, fine painter. There are also a number of other artists I regularly follow who have practiced or do practice daily painting.

So, please visit Daily Painter Review to see some of these artists whose work I enjoy. Also, please have a look at Raymond's daily painting blog to see examples of his own fine work, as well as his regular website.