The Mouse Project: How a Painting Is Made, Part 1

Yes, The Mouse Project...

About a month ago I was contacted by Steve Worthington, a sculptor who's doing an incredibly cool group project. He's asking about 20 artists to paint a still life that includes one of his wonderful little bronze mice. These paintings will then be collected into a book, and profits from it's sale will go to support animal shelters.

I thought everything about his idea was absolutely great, so I said yes immediately. The mouse that I chose (Sprightly, see above), has arrived, and now I'm ready to get going on my painting.

For some time, I've been thinking it would be nice to do a "How a Painting Is Made" series of posts, walking through the steps, beginning to end. Although I know some artists read this blog, I thought I'd aim this feature more at the general art lover who maybe does not paint; omitting some of the technical discussion and concentrating more on the thought process that goes into it. Essentially, it will be what you might see if you could walk into my studio and look over my shoulder. And please, feel free to ask questions at any point along the way.

I've set aside some time tonight to work on the composition, and I'll write that first post in the series tomorrow.

Oh, and the best part of this: Steve very generously gave me the choice of either returning the sculpture when I was done, or keeping it in exchange for the painting. I think Sprightly has found a new home :)