In Progress: March 24

This painting is basically finished. Since I won't make final images until it's dried and varnished, though, I gave it the "in progress" title; the glare on the black background is just the result of my studio lighting; it will definitely not be in the final image.

I've painted this teacup maybe 20 times, and the teapot at least half a dozen. Nevertheless, each time I approach these objects, I find a new set of problems and challenges to work with. That holds true for any object I've painted in the past, and it's a good thing; otherwise I wouldn't be painting with open eyes and an open mind.

Obviously, I work on a lot of projects simultaneously; tomorrow I'll be getting back to the Mouse Project painting; look for the next installment of those posts within a day or two.

And... a big congratulations to Carol Marine, who finished her 1000th daily painting on Monday. Remarkable...