In Progress: March 22

Here's today's in-progress piece; I detoured from the mouse project to work on one of the fruit studies. Actually, it's unlikely I'll do anything more to this painting, but I won't be taking the final image (with the correct color balance!) and offering it up for sale until it's dried and varnished.

I'm a big believer that as a painter one's reach should exceed one's grasp, and I always feel good when I can attempt something that I know is just outside my capabilities. Here's a case in point. I've always been a little intimidated by painting cloth, especially silk, and especially embroidered silk. The complexities of the folds, shadows, and highlights can get mind-boggling.

While this particular piece of cloth is not as complex as it could have been, I did challenge myself to capture as much of the actual feel of the silk as possible. To me, the yardstick for painting cloth is the tour-de-force work of Gerard ter Borch, and of course by that measure I fall far short.

But it's fun to keep trying...