Stephen Pat Brown

I learned a few days ago that Stephen Pat Brown had passed away in October, so I thought I'd post a brief appreciation.

I never met him, or even saw any of his works in person. I've always admired his paintings from a distance, though, and for years my blog has kept a link to his website, which unfortunately appears to be down now.

His paintings - particularly his still lifes - were glowing marvels of the painter's craft. He had a way of seeing and handling the subjects that gave them a deeply concrete and at the same time other-worldly feeling. It was a very unique, personal, and profoundly authentic way of painting.

There are a few small galleries of his works online, here, here, and here.

As I mentioned, his website is down, which is unfortunate because his best paintings were displayed there, and apparently nowhere else. Hopefully at some point his family, friends, or students will find a way to permanently show his works online.

They deserve to be seen.