Still Life with Green Marble Egg and Lemon

Jeffrey Hayes
"Still Life with Green Marble Egg and Lemon"
Oil on panel, 5 x 11 inches (12.5 x 27.5 cm)


Including modern objects in traditional still-life designs seems like an obvious enough thing to do, and I have seen many satisfying paintings that do this. It can also run the risk of seeming contrived; as if the whole point of the painting was simply to drop a cell phone into an otherwise thoroughly Dutch-inspired composition.

My aim, at least, is generally to avoid the latter, and find ways to organically include contemporary objects in a traditional design, as in this piece. Although the overall feel of the painting is traditional, that is in fact a 1950's atomic-design creamer (a 50-cent yardsale find). Even the green marble egg would likely not appear in a true Dutch still life. By the way, a friend pointed out that the egg is actually made from Spectrolite and/or Labradorite, but green marble seems easier to say...