Silver, Pottery, Glass

Painting a day: Silver, Pottery, Glass
"Silver, Pottery, Glass"
Oil on panel, 5 x 6 inches (12 x 15 cm)


It was a real pleasure with this painting to work with an object that was made by hand (the small vase). Most of the items that end up in my still lifes are either natural, or produced in some kind of mechanized process, with a minimum of human involvement in their actual fashioning.

I really became intrigued with the character and imperfection of the hand-made pottery; the surface irregularities, the scars in the glaze, even some of the chips of time and use. It was as though the patient workmanship involved in creating the vase flowed into the creation of the painting itself.

(Please note: the auction for this piece actually began last week; anybody interested in bidding should do so before Thursday evening)