The First Four Years

I was mentioning to a friend this afternoon that I hadn't posted to my blog for about a month. Realizing how sad that actually sounded, I thought I'd write an update.

I also realized that I've been blogging for exactly 4 years now; my first post was on September 29, 2005. I guess that makes me something of an old hand.

This blog started with several motivations, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the project. For the most part, I'm very pleased with the way it's unfolded. It's been a place to talk about and show my new work, a gallery to sell paintings, and on rare occasions a forum to discuss myself, which I usually later thought twice about (being somewhat of a private person).

I've also had a sometimes awkward relationship with it. There have been many periods where I feel incredibly enthused, and can't seem to update it often enough. I've also gone for some stretches where it's just the farthest thing from my mind, and I can barely even remind myself to log on and respond to the comments (which I truly appreciate, by the way, even if I don't always react in good time). Obviously, I've been in one of those stretches lately.

This violates one of the rules we've all heard regarding blogs - "Just keep writing no matter what: Irregular posting means lost readership". In my own case I've felt deep down that it's probably better to say nothing if I really didn't have anything to say (or show). I've always sincerely hoped that people who are interested in my paintings will be willing to look at new work as I can finish it, whether I do or don't post a lot of writing in between. I certainly hope that my readers have not been turned off by the periodic silences.

At any rate, silence aside, things have been going well. I've been working on a set of slightly larger pieces - a few of them are already finished, and I'll photograph and post them soon. I've also been reading, thinking, and deeply enjoying the turning of Summer into Autumn, which is my favorite season. In general, it's been the kind of good, quiet space that contemplative art comes from.

Even though it goes without saying, I'll say it anyway; blogs are absolutely useless without readers. I know there are people out there who do read this blog regularly, and I have always gratefully appreciated that... Thank You!

More good stuff is coming... right here.