Kaleidoscope: Magnifying Glass No. 2

Painting a day: Kaleidoscope: Magnifying Glass No. 2

"Kaleidoscope: Magnifying Glass No. 2"
Oil on panel, 5 x 5 inches (12 x 12 cm)

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From the Greek: καλός (kalos), "beautiful" + είδος (eidos), "shape" +
σκοπέω (scopeο), "to look at, to examine".
Roughly, “looking at beautiful forms”

This is the next painting from my Kaleidoscope series. I decided to challenge myself to push the realism a little further here, and spent some time working on the bubbles and deformities in the glass, as well as the knots on the oriental rug. Although I did not aim to paint each individual knot, I was definitely going for the feeling of individual knots, and the richness of the surface texture. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for the skill and patience of the original weaver.

Facebook Page
After putting it off for a long, long time, I've finally set up a facebook page. Please take a look at it here.

Double Lemon
Painting a day: Double Lemon

"Double Lemon"
Oil on linen, 12 x 6 inches (30 x 15 cm)


I've also been working on a slightly larger painting of a pair of lemons trapped in an old jar. It's been slow going, but I finally finished it yesterday.

Happy Fourth
Finally, to my U.S. readers, I want to wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July. For my part, I will be heading up to the Maine coast for a couple days of rest, sightseeing, and - most importantly - cookouts. I'll be back with new work next week.

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