In progress + Darwin and the arts

In Progress: Double Lemon Jar
oil on linen, 12x6 inches

I've been a little remiss about posting in general lately, and about in-progress shots in particular, so I thought I'd remedy that today. This is commission piece I've had in front of me for quite a while, and I'm finally making some good headway on it.

I have a new group of paintings that I'll be showing over the next few days (several of which are finished). These are a real departure for me, and I'm thrilled about how they've turned out. Stay tuned...

I found an interesting feature on the BBC today about Darwin's impact on artists who were his contemporaries. Actually, it was a disappointingly thin feature; I wish it would have gone into much more depth, but the premise is really interesting. The slideshow starts off with one of Martin Johnson Heade's great South American paintings, which I saw in person a couple years ago.

NOTE: Reader John Hawks let me know about a site that gives a more thorough overview of the exhibition:
Thanks John!