Sunday Masterpiece: Monet

Claude Monet
The Magpie
Oil on canvas, 35 x 51 inches

I love winter... I really do.

But, it's March already, and we have yet another big storm bearing down on us which may dump up to a foot of snow. At this point, it feels like the snow and the cold and the shoveling and the scraping have gone on forever, so I thought I'd post a visual reminder of why this is my favorite time of year.

Several years ago, when I was frequently doing plein air work, I looked at a lot of Impressionist painting. Since I've changed my focus to still life, I hardly ever look at the Impressionists any more, and that's really a shame. I have no desire to paint in that style, but for shear visual pleasure, Monet at his best just can't be beat. This dazzling, enchanting canvas is one of my very favorite landscapes.

Now I'm ready for some hot chocolate...