Is this the same man?

Just about the only conspiracy theory which interests me at all is the Shakespeare Authorship Question. This isn't the place for details, but the gist is that the man commonly known as Shakespeare did not in fact write the plays. These were instead written by another, adapting the name Shakespeare as a nom de plume. One of the leading contenders is Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

A headlining news stories today was the "discovery" of a Shakespeare portrait, apparently completed during his lifetime, probably commissioned by a known friend of Shakespeare, and, I must say, looking absolutely nothing like the common image of the bard. I spent 15 minutes in photoshop, and came up with the above montage. "B" is the portrait unveiled today. "A" and "C" are known portraits of de Vere. Given the vaguaries of Elizabethan portraiture (consider the differences in the certain images of de Vere), I ask; are these three portraits of the same man?

In particular, consider the eyes. Having a lazy eye (Amblyopia) is not extremely rare, but it only affects 1-5% of the population.

What do you think?

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