Sackler Museum

Attributed to Mirza 'Ali (active 16th century, East Azerbaijan, Iran)
Seated Princess with a Spray of Flowers

I spent too much time reading the news this morning, which left me in a foul mood, to say the least.

Luckily, a friend and I were able to amuse ourselves with a trip to the Sackler Museum at Harvard. This museum is a real gem; small and not-too-heavily visited. It's devoted to Middle Eastern and Asian art from deep antiquity to the present, and has a particularly stunning collection of Shang Dynasty bronzes. Unfortunately, they have none of it online, and the badly-lit, out-of-focus pics I snapped on my iPhone just didn't do them justice, so I settled with the above image. Harvard is going through some gyrations with their museum collections, so fewer pieces are currently being exhibited, but it's still very well worth a visit.

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