Glass Creamer and Lemon

Painting a day: Glass Creamer and Lemon
"Glass Creamer and Lemon"
Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 5 inches


I don't paint much on linen these days, particularly for these smaller pieces. I feel like I should paint on linen, chiefly because I have so much of it. Back when I did larger pieces, I bought 2 big rolls of oil primed linen, and yards and yards of raw, unprimed cloth.

It's enough to last several lifetimes at the rate I'm going.

Anyway, since I haven't used it in a while, it was actually pleasant working with the texture. Doesn't photograph well, though. There actually is a tried and true method for taking good images of paintings on canvas. I know this method, and use it regularly. It is time-consuming, though, and honestly, I'm really tired.

So, I took this photograph, which is OK, and I'll just mutter something about how the actual painting looks better... really.

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