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Painting a day: Teacup Fragment No. 2
"Teacup Fragment No. 2"
Oil on panel, 2.5 x 2 Inches

For a lot of people (myself included), February is not a cheerful month - especially here in the Northeast. The charm of winter has worn thin, and the reality of sniffles, heating bills, and snow shoveling has settled in for the long haul. The constant drone of bad news this year is not exactly helping either.

So... I can't make any of those things better, but I can do one thing to spread a little happiness: I'm holding a sweepstakes to give away this painting.

Those of you who are recipients of my newsletter already know that I hold regular drawings for small paintings, which the winner receives at absolutely no charge (even the shipping is free!). This month, though, I thought I'd announce it beforehand, so blog readers could participate as well.

To be eligible, simply sign up for my monthly newsletter. Enter your email address in the Subscribe box to the right (beneath the Currently Available image), and click the "go" button. You will receive my newsletter in about 10 days with instructions about entering the sweepstakes... Good Luck!