The Orientalist Gallery

I'm spending the day working on underpaintings for more Fragments and the setup for a commission piece, so... nothing new to show.

Instead, I thought I'd share something fun. I've mentioned before that I'm drawn to the work of the 19th century Orientalist painters. There's a real sense of wonder, discovery, and with the best of them, genuine reverence for non-European cultures. Good Orientalist paintings trip all my triggers. Even some of the bad ones do, too...

Anyway, it turns out there's an active blog dedicated to this body of art, The Orientalist Gallery, run by California Artist Enzie Shahmiri. It appears to be updated daily with a new painting and some rudimentary technical information about the piece. There does not appear to ever be much discussion of the work or the artist, but I'm definitely ok with that. This is an overview site, where the purpose is just to show a lot of art.

Anybody who likes this genre will definitely want to go have a look.

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