In Progress + Studio Image

Nothing new today. After I finished yesterday's Fragment, I realized I didn't have any more finished underpaintings to work with, so I've spent the day working on grisailles. I included the above image to give some idea of the process I go through, even with the small paintings (this one is 2.5 x 2.5 inches). While I sometimes do omit the grisaille stage, it doesn't usually feel right to do so. Particularly with a piece that has this level of intricacy, I'd feel lost proceeding without the underpainting.

I thought I'd also include this shot today; it gives a pretty typical "slice of life" view of part of my studio. The censer is one of my favorite possessions; it's been with me for years and still delights me. I sometimes like to burn incense while working, so in addition to looking great, it serves a practical use as well. The thin gray panel in the lower left is a new Fragment, awaiting underpainting.

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