Fragment: Knife and Tibetan Carpet

Painting a day: Knife and Tibetan Carpet
"Fragment: Knife and Tibetan Carpet"
Oil on panel, 1 x 4 inches

Wow - I love painting this carpet!
It's just a tiny little Tibetan mat that we've had around the house for years; probably no bigger than 16x16 inches. It never occurred to me until pretty recently to include it in a painting. Looking at it with a fresh set of eyes that day was one of those "Hey, wait a minute..." moments that I just live for as a painter. The bright, primary colors and sculptured pile make it an absolutely perfect subject. In fact, more than once while working on this, I wondered why I even bothered with the knife!

I also want to mention that I'm now up on the Daily Paintworks site. Please go have a look!

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