Fragment + Daily Paintworks

Painting a day: Teacup
"Fragment: Teacup"
Oil on panel, 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Like probably any artist, I worry about improving all the time. Lately, that's taken the form of trying to be more patient; focusing very carefully on exactly what I'm doing, not getting too far ahead of myself, and not rushing... never ever ever rushing. It's a constant battle, with good days and bad days, but there is some progress. This teacup, for instance. I've painted it before, but it never occurred to me then to count every little bead on the rim of the saucer and then paint them all. Well, I'm proud to say that for this piece, I did count them all, and yes, they are accurately portrayed here. That's patience :)
To learn more about the Fragments series, click here.

And - some exciting news: When I checked my email tonight, I had a completely unexpected surprise. I've been invited to join the Daily Paintworks, and I immediately accepted. Daily Paintworks is a group of a dozen extraordinary artists who practice the daily/frequent painting discipline. I've followed them all for a good while, and it's a real honor to be included in their midst. I won't be up on the site for a few days yet, but please visit it now to see this amazing collection of painters.

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