Fragment: Blue Bottle Redux

Fragment: Blue Bottle Redux
Oil, 3.5 x 2.5 inches

On somewhat rare occasions, I redo a previous painting, just setting for myself the challenge of doing it better. This Fragment is part of a painting I did last year, which you can see here. It's not that I felt there was anything horribly wrong with the original per se, and probably every artist feels like they can do better work today than yesterday. Nevertheless, something kept nagging me about it, so I decided to have another go.

Naturally, I think I've improved since doing the previous piece. Putting that in concrete terms would take some thought, and is probably more self-indulgent than I should be - at least in print. What I can say for sure, though, is that I'm becoming more patient. That's probably one of the most important qualities to do this kind of painting, and it's actually one that I struggle with. Funny but true. I won't be half-way finished with a piece and I'll be ready to move on to the next one... really ready. We all have handicaps.

The good news is that it's improving. Hopefully, next year I'll look at this piece and think "oh yeah, I can do that better".

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