Tibetan Murals

As I find time now and then, I'm going through photos from my trip to India (all 1200+ of them; the ease of digital photography has a definite downside). I thought it might be fun to include some of them here from time to time.

The Tibetan aesthetic seems to demand that every available inch of wallspace be decorated. That means lots of frescoes inside the temples... lots of them. It's a real visual feast. The iconography is also exuberant and wildly imaginative. This particular wrathful spirit is always covered. It's not a secret image (those do exist), but the explanation was "because he's wrathful".

At one of the temples, there was a group of artist monks working on a mural. I would have loved to talk with them a little about the technique, but the language barrier prevented any meaningful conversation. They appear to have been applying standard acrylic onto a primed wall (therefore not true fresco technique), but I really couldn't get close enough to learn more.